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Show Yourself Some Compassion.

The strategies included in this kit have been amazing in helping me (mom of five) reduce stress. I know they work!

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    "You cannot serve from an empty vessel."

    - Eleanor Brown

    How will it help me?

    The strategies included in this kit have helped me in:

    • changing my mindset
    • finding better ways to cope
    • becoming better about noticing my body’s stress signals
    • having a better night’s sleep
    • and so much more!

    What does it include?

    • Affirmation List Worksheet
    • Love Letter Journal Prompt
    • Daily Self Care Check-in Worksheet
    • Clear Your Head Assessment Page
    • When I feel Worried Worksheet
    • 7 Daily Self Care Tips For Moms Mini Poster
    • Inspirational Quote Binder Pages (Set of 3)
    • Brain Dump Worksheet

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