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Vision boards can be a powerful tool to help boost you towards your goals and accomplish your dreams.

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    "I absolutely love this template! Thank you so much for creating and sharing it. I had a blast coming up with just the right things to add to it.... It helps me to visualize and create the beautiful life I see ahead of me."

    Lisa Rittenhouse

    What should my template include?

    Your vision board can serve as inspiration for any area of your life. You can visualize your goals for your marriage, family goals, homeschooling goals, spiritual goals, etc. Or you can choose to have one vision board that simply represents all the areas of your life.

    Any of these ideas will help you create a powerful vision board to motivate you towards becoming your best self.

    How does the template work?

    Step 1: Get your template sent straight to your inbox.

    Step 2: When you open your email, click on the button to confirm your subscription, and you will then be taken straight to your Canva Vision Board template.

    Step 3: If you don’t have one already create a free Canva account. You don’t need to have the paid subscription for completing this template.

    Step 4: Upload the images you chose to Canva and drag and drop them into your template and arrange it to your liking.

    Step 5: Print it! Place your vision board somewhere where you will see it every day. Best wishes to achieving your dreams!